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Operations Consulting

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HomeServicesOperations Consulting

Along with our other more specific services, Scientific Business Management can provide general Operations Consulting. We can help analyze and improve most operations areas. Our expertise can evaluate your current practices and help your company understand, control, manage, and improve all areas of your operations.

Our services include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Organizational structure evaluation
  • Supply Chain evaluation and optimization
  • Distribution strategy and effectiveness
  • Product strategy
  • Project management



Scientific Business Management will do a comprehensive situation analysis to understand your business. We will develop a situation analysis report that will describe the current state of your operations. It will, also, highlight areas of need and offer suggestions of ways to improve your business to make you more competitive.



Scientific Business Management will address areas of need where current business practices allow inconsistency in process and results. SBM can help you implement process controls and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to instill discipline and develop consistency in your operations.



Scientific Business Management will design and help you implement metrics and reports so that you can manage your business and obtain the information needed to target and implement improvements. These reports will give you a better understanding of your operations and give you the ability to manage the most critical issues.



Scientific Business Management can manage or assist with a wide variety of operational improvement projects that can dramatically improve your operational capabilities and competitiveness. These projects could be defined by company.