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Productivity Improvement

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HomeServicesProductivity Improvement

Scientific Business Management is able to analyze and improve manufacturing and distribution operations. We employ many process improvement techniques to improve overall productivity. We address quality concerns and lost production due to defects. These services can be performed at your facilities or those of your key suppliers, in order to improve your end-to-end supply chain and reduce your cost. This will allow your operations to be more competitive in the market.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating production processes, manufacturing workstation and production floor layout, and material flow.
  • Determining process capacities and bottleneck operations.
  • Calculating, tracking, and establishing standard reports for cycle time and throughput.
  • Improving setup time with Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) and productivity with Kaisen.
  • Understanding lead times and determining opportunities for improvement.
  • Implementing poka yoke and other process improvements to reduce quality defects.

SBM will visit your, or your vendor's, facilities to evaluate and improve your operations. This team has tens of thousands of hours inside manufacturing facilities producing a wide variety of products and production methods.



Scientific Business Management will evaluate your current production and material handling processes, measure cycle times and lead times, and determine quality issues. We will provide a situation report documenting our findings and highlighting opportunities for improvement.



Scientific Business Management will help your company document and implement standard procedures to help control your production and distribution processes. The controls may include, but are not limited to, standard operating procedures, material handling processes, vendor agreements



Scientific Business Management will design and help you implement the following reports to help you manage your business and to provide the information needed to target and implement improvements to your business: Productivity tracking; statistical process control QC reports; vendor performance tracking; defect pareto reports.



Scientific Business Management can manage productivity improvement projects that can dramatically improve your operational capabilities and competitiveness. The types of projects that we can manage include, but are not limited to, the following operations improvement projects:

  • Production capacity improvement, including bottleneck throughput analysis and increase.
  • Factory and workstation layout improvement using kaisen and 5s techniques leading to increased capacity and better material flow.
  • Production planning review to improve production efficiency.
  • Set up improvement using Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) to reduce set up and changeover times to increase capacity and flexibility.
  • Quality process improvement through Poka Yoke and other defect reduction techniques reducing loss due to defects.

All of these efforts can improve productivity, increase capacity, reduce overtime, and reduce defects. All of this will reduce product cost and better utilize costly equipment and facilities.